With a flower

I’ve always loved this poem by Emily Dickinson, and this photo I recently did of Hailey made me think of it.

I hide myself within my flower,
That wearing on your breast,
You, unsuspecting, wear me too—
And angels know the rest.

I hide myself within my flower,
That, fading from your vase,
You, unsuspecting, feel for me
Almost a loneliness.

Hailey in flowers

Fernando & Rebecca’s Engagement

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on my blog, so many Weddings & Portraits to share. Its been a busy Summer! I’ll start with Fernando & Rebecca’s Engagement photos (I’ve already photographed their wedding!) They told me they were nervous, but after a few minutes, they were so relaxed and happy together, it made my job super easy. We did a whirlwind tour of San Pedro in an afternoon.

FernRebecca_blog01FernRebecca_blog02 FernRebecca_blog03 FernRebecca_blog04 FernRebecca_blog05 FernRebecca_blog06 FernRebecca_blog07 FernRebecca_blog08 FernRebecca_blog09 FernRebecca_blog10 FernRebecca_blog11


Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a very special relationship with my niece Hailey. She graduated last week, and I couldn’t be more happy and proud of her. She has grown up to be such a thoughtful, smart, sweet, not to mention beautiful, young woman. I cried like a baby when I saw her in her cap and gown. A few months ago we did her senior photos here in Los Angeles, it was surreal, I couldn’t stop thinking about her when she was little. There was a short time that she lived with me when she was a toddler, I worked nights and she would wake me up super early in the morning and whisper, “auntie, fruity pebbles” and I would get up like a zombie and pour her fruity pebbles in a bowl, turn on cartoons, and lay back down on the couch. I miss all those times taking her school clothes shopping, and every time she saw an outfit she liked she screamed, “Oh la la, Auntie, Oh la la!”  It was hilarious. It seems she has always lived two hours from me, and every few weeks I would make the drive to Joshua Tree or to Lake Havasu to pick her up for weekends or school breaks, we would have so much fun together. I feel blessed that she is such a big part of my life.

And some embarrassing photos just for Hailey!

Families 2012

This might be my longest blog post ever. I did quite a few family portraits before the Holidays last year, and haven’t had a chance to post them up yet. So here are a bunch, all in one post! I was feeling quite sentimental when I was putting these little collages together yesterday afternoon. First, I was chatting with my sister Jamie, and we haven’t spoken in a really, really long time. Both of my sisters have had their share of troubles over the years (long story) and the last few have been particularly hard on my family. Jamie is finally getting her life together and she just sounded like, “her” and after we talked I just broke down for awhile, I didn’t realize how much I missed her. So then Louie and I went to see the movie 42. I think my sister opened me up, because I cried though out the whole movie, and then in the grocery store afterwards. I came home and was finishing these up and I started feeling so blessed, that all these families trust me with capturing their memories. Just a crazy emotional day. Poor Louie.

Amanda and Hyun’s Engagement Shoot

Amanda and KwangHyun live in Seoul, South Korea but had their Wedding here in Southern California at her parents home. We did their engagement photos just a few days before their Wedding, since they were both here for only a short time.  They are not only a beautiful couple, but two of the sweetest people I’ve met. I’ll be sharing the Wedding pics soon!