Families 2012

This might be my longest blog post ever. I did quite a few family portraits before the Holidays last year, and haven’t had a chance to post them up yet. So here are a bunch, all in one post! I was feeling quite sentimental when I was putting these little collages together yesterday afternoon. First, I was chatting with my sister Jamie, and we haven’t spoken in a really, really long time. Both of my sisters have had their share of troubles over the years (long story) and the last few have been particularly hard on my family. Jamie is finally getting her life together and she just sounded like, “her” and after we talked I just broke down for awhile, I didn’t realize how much I missed her. So then Louie and I went to see the movie 42. I think my sister opened me up, because I cried though out the whole movie, and then in the grocery store afterwards. I came home and was finishing these up and I started feeling so blessed, that all these families trust me with capturing their memories. Just a crazy emotional day. Poor Louie.

Amy, Joel, and Zoey!

I photographed Amy and Joel’s Wedding in 2009, a few months ago I was there for their maternity session, and most recently I met baby Zoey! This is such an exciting time for this brand new family. Here are a few pics of Amy and Joel at Disneyland before the arrival of Zoey.

And then came Zoey…