Paul & Kathryn Engaged!

It feels good to finally put up a new blog post, its been a really busy few months, and I’ve been neglecting it once again. I have so much to share! Here is one of my favorite engagement sessions from a few months ago. These two were so comfortable with each other, I didn’t have to say much, I just let them do their thing. 

Fernando & Rebecca’s Engagement

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on my blog, so many Weddings & Portraits to share. Its been a busy Summer! I’ll start with Fernando & Rebecca’s Engagement photos (I’ve already photographed their wedding!) They told me they were nervous, but after a few minutes, they were so relaxed and happy together, it made my job super easy. We did a whirlwind tour of San Pedro in an afternoon.

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Marissa & Josh

Marissa and Josh are perfect together. They’re just one of those couples you meet that seem so adoringly in love with each other. I shot their beautiful Wedding a few years ago HERE, and have since done several shoots with them. They are two of my favorite people to photograph, its always so easy and relaxed, and they’re always up for anything.

Spent the morning with them at a lake…

Tiffany & Scott Engaged!

I met with my Cousin Tiffany and her fiance Scott at a wilderness park in Pinellas County, Florida, for their engagement shoot. It just so happens that my parents live in Florida as well, so I brought my Mom along to help out. She was such a trooper lugging cameras and lenses, while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I wish she lived closer to me, I’d hire her as my second shooter all the time! Tiffany and Scott are so adorable together, I’m really looking forward to photographing their Wedding in November.

Here’s a few of my faves.

Olivia and Charlie Engaged

I’m excited to finally share this engagement session I did with Olivia and Charlie here in Venice Beach. They were here visiting from Arkansas. I met up with them at The Inn at Venice Beach (a sentimental location for me, it’s where Louie and I spent our first weekend getaway)  I should mention it was the the windiest day I have ever experienced in Venice, and I live here. Check out how adorable they are together!