Malibu Canyon | The Mitchell Boys

Happy New Year! It was such a busy 2014, so much to blog, so little time. This year I plan to make more time for blog posts.

I shot these adorable boys a few months ago, I love how these turned out, fishing, marbles, peanut butter sandwiches, and a game of old maid, good old fashioned fun! So thankful to my Pops for his continual search for awesome photo props.

Mitchell Boys

The Mitchell Boys


The Mitchell Boys

The Mitchell Boys

Old Maid



The Mitchell Boys

The Mitchell Boys

The Garcia & Tovar Families

Spring is almost here! With all the flowers in bloom, its the perfect time of year for portraits. If you would like to book a session, please send an email to

You might recognize these faces, I have photographed these two families quite a few times, including both of their Weddings! I always have so much fun seeing how much the kids grow and change, and in this case, meeting the newest addition, Diego!

The Croomes Family

I met up with Stacey and her two gorgeous kids on a beautiful day in Pasadena. Have you ever seen two more photogenic kids? A special thanks to Stacey’s Mom, Elka, she was so awesome at making everyone laugh and offering up great ideas. Stacey made a calendar with these photos for Holiday gifts, I saw a sneak peek, what a cool idea!


Balloons, Cakes & Tutu’s

Once again I had the pleasure of photographing these adorable little girls, Addison, Ava, and Jayden. It’s been a little less than a year since their last shoot, you can see those HERE, they have all grown so much!

Addison and Jayden are sisters.

And Ava is their Cousin, she will be expecting a little brother anytime soon, I can’t wait to meet him!

Addison & Ava were both born in September, so we decided to do some birthday themed photos, they both turned one! Addison was so delicate, dipping her finger into the cake and taking tiny bites of icing.

Ava stuck her whole hand into the cake and grabbed a handful of icing, hilarious!

Jayden is a little fashionista!

Ava was a natural with the ukulele.

Thanks to Jennifer & Adam, and Karla & Vidal for trusting me with your Wedding & Family photos, I love watching your families grow.


Happy Fathers Day!

Not only is my Pops the most amazing father anyone could ever have, he is also an amazing Grandpa (pop pop)! There are so many sentimental things I could say about him, but I put those in his card.  I also wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to my brother-in-law John, he is raising 4 boys on his own, and I am so proud of him. Here is my Pops fishing in St. Petersburg, Fl.

My Pops and John with my nephews

Becca at 11

You might remember Becca from HERE and the letter she wrote to me HERE. She wrote that she wanted me to do a photo shoot for her 11th birthday, so we did! She has a love for cooking, so she came up with the idea to do a few images of decorating cupcakes. I love her second outfit, a pretty pink dress with combat boots! Happy Birthday Becca!