A Bit of a Ramble

I haven’t blogged in a year! It was a rough year, one that pushed me to my emotional limits. We lost my Father in Law in January 2017. Not only was it hard to lose someone that I loved so much, it was equally hard to see my husband in so much pain. Its still painful, but we are learning to live with the loss and keep him close in our memories. After that I kept getting sick, I had a throat infection that lasted all of March. Then in late June I got into a horrible car accident.  A drunk/on drugs guy hit my driver side only a few blocks from my house. Its a strange feeling to be driving along listening to music and then wake up on the other side of the intersection with people all around me asking if I’m okay. Luckily I only broke my hand (lost some knuckles) and got banged up a bit. If you saw my car you would think that person didn’t survive, so I feel blessed. It does make you realize how things can change in an instant and to appreciate every moment. It was a long recovery with a lot of therapy (shout out to Heather at Beach Cities Orthopedics) My bone wasn’t healing quickly and just when I thought the cast was coming off, back on it went. Louie was amazing through all this, from helping me in the restroom at the ER, taking off my pants and picking out all the glass in my legs (thats what I get for wearing holes in my jeans) and helping me wash my hair when I had the cast, and so much more. Shooting weddings was especially difficult and I can’t thank my friend Jenna enough for shooting with me and not getting weirded out when I started crying in gratitude in front of her.

This year has been MY YEAR. I never do New Years Resolutions, but this year I decided its the year of “no’s” I’m not taking on as many weddings this year, last year I took on too much. So this year I’m concentrating on a smaller amount of weddings, where I can give each one the attention they deserve. And of course I’ll continue to do family portraits and prop styling. You can see my prop work HERE. I wanted to have some of my weekends back, to have time to spend with Louie, my family and my friends. I also wanted time for myself. I was finally able to get my wedding ring back on, my hand still swells sometimes, but I can wear it most days now. Even though I haven’t blogged in a year, I did stay active on INSTAGRAM you can see a lot of new work there.

How about some photos? I mean this is a photo blog. Geez.


I love this family. I met them YEARS ago when they won a free family session with me and it was so great to hear from them again after all this time. The photos from that day are some of my favorites and are still up on my website. This year we met up in San Juan Capistrano, they showed up looking so fashionable and were as sweet as ever. It was fun to show the boys how to play marbles!














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